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International Trademark Protection

Matthias Rößler - 29. July 2022

In order to be able to market a product internationally or beyond the EU with trademark protection, an international trademark application is an interesting option. The prerequisite for an international registration (IR) is the existence of an already registered or at least pending trademark. This can be a national trademark or an EU trademark.

Third Party Observation in European Patent Law

Justus Kreuels - 14. June 2022

Under the European Patent Convention (EPC), any third party may file with the EPO observations to the patentability of an invention which is the subject of a published European patent application if one sees grounds which might prevent the grant of a patent.

Patent searches, patent databases and search costs

Matthias Rößler - 20. April 2022

Patent searches are an important tool, e.g. to assess the patentability of an invention or to check whether one's own products infringe third-party property rights. In international databases such as Depatisnet (DPMA), Espacenet (EPO) and Patentscope (WIPO), information on patents and utility models published worldwide can be searched.

The new Patent Law Modernization Act

Matthias Rößler - 30. March 2022

Some of the new provisions in patent law adopted as part of the second Patent Law Modernization Act will come into force on May 1, 2022 - for example, the extension of the time limit for PCT applications. DPMA renewal fees will be increased for patents as of July 1, 2022.

Trademark protection for virtual products

Justus Kreuels - 28. February 2022

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have recently gained notoriety, not only in the art market, and have provoked discussions, not least with regard to the infringement of copyright and trademark rights. NFTs are virtual certificates to shares of digital objects or works. Still in its infancy, but with potential: For companies, extending trademark protection to include digital products can be an interesting option.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for patentable inventions

Justus Kreuels - 17. January 2022

Confidentiality agreements, also known as NDAs ("non-disclosure agreements"), play an important role in the field of intellectual property. For a patentable development for which a patent application has not yet been filed, a non-disclosure agreement should be drawn up with all parties involved before confidential information is exchanged that is not to be made public.

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