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Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for patentable inventions

Justus Kreuels - 17. January 2022

Confidentiality agreements, also known as NDAs ("non-disclosure agreements"), play an important role in the field of intellectual property. For a patentable development for which a patent application has not yet been filed, a non-disclosure agreement should be drawn up with all parties involved before confidential information is exchanged that is not to be made public.

Trademark infringement: Border seizure by customs

Matthias Rößler - 16. December 2021

Every year, goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights are seized by customs authorities at EU borders. Statistically, most of the seizures are infringements of trademark rights, followed by infringements of design rights. In relation to this, patent and copyright rights or geographical indications of origin are infringed much less frequently.

US Patent Law: Patent application in the USA

Justus Kreuels - 18. November 2021

Companies planning to apply for a patent (utility patent) or a design (design patent) in the USA should familiarise themselves with the particularities of US patent law. Filing patents in the USA can be an interesting option, especially since a granted US patent is valid for all US states nationwide.

The European Patent: Cost-optimised filing strategies for Europe

Justus Kreuels - 16. September 2021

When filing a European patent application, in addition to the fees to be paid, the additional costs (in particular for the validation of a European patent and the renewal fees) should also be taken into account. The aim of this blog article is to give you an early and realistic estimate of the costs involved in making decisions about granting a patent.

Trademark protection in the European Union

Matthias Rößler - 23. August 2021

The trend to filing EU trademark applications continues. Over the past two years, EUIPO has seen a significantly higher increase in applications than in previous years. In 2020, 176,479 EU trademark applications were filed with the EUIPO, which is around 10% more than in 2019. For the first 4 months of the current year, there has even been an increase of almost 28%. We have compiled information and facts on the EU trademark.

International design protection: The Hague Agreement

Justus Kreuels - 12. July 2021

The international Hague Agreement offers the possibility of registering a design in several countries beyond the EU with one central application by means of a standardised procedure. The term of protection of an international design (as with a German or European design) is initially 5 years and can be extended several times. We have summarised what it is all about.

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