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Up-to-date: Since June 1, 2023, when the UPC agreement enters into force, unitary patents can be applied for or registered at the European Patent Office (EPO). We have summarized information on the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court in the section Expertise: UPC.

IP Compliance

Justus Kreuels - 6. September 2023

Innovative companies need a well-organized IP compliance management. Establishing an effective protection and control system not only helps to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, but also to guarantee the protection of a company's IP assets and to significantly reduce the risk with regard to the infringement of third-party property rights.

Unified Patent Court: Current developments

Matthias Rößler - 20. July 2023

The Unified Patent Court started its work on June, 1 2023. With the unitary patent, a patent with unitary effect can be granted in 17 EU states. The creation of a unified European patent jurisdiction was preceded by years of intensive discussions.

Artificial Intelligence and patent law

Justus Kreuels - 19. May 2023

Artificial Intelligence is one of the key technologies in the field of digitalization. We take the progressive further developments in this field and the discussions about the software tool ChatGPT as an opportunity to take up aspects of copyright and patent law (patenting of AI).

Metaverse: Trademark applications for virtual goods

Matthias Rößler - 1. March 2023

Some companies have started to extend their trademark protection explicitly for digital products. According to the EUIPO, trademark offices are seeing an increasing number of trademark applications for virtual products and NFTs. IP owners should also focus on the metaverse as part of their trademark strategy, e.g., to be able to stop potential trademark infringements in the metaverse.

Opposition against the grant of a patent

Justus Kreuels - 26. January 2023

After a patent has been granted, third parties have the opportunity to file an opposition against a German patent or a European patent within nine months. Continuous monitoring of IP grants is recommended in order to identify, among other things, patents against which an opposition should be filed in good time.

Product piracy in online trade

Matthias Rößler - 14. December 2022

With the continuing boom in online trading, there is also an increasing number of counterfeit products and goods being sold via virtual marketplaces. Monitoring offers on online marketplaces therefore plays an important role for brand owners.

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