Justus Kreuels - 26. February 2021

Protecting 5G-enabled innovations with patents

5G and Industry 4.0

5G technology forms the basis for intelligent linking of machines and smart devices. With 5G the communication between sensors, plants and IoT machines can take place in real time. The new communication standard gives rise to new markets for products and services, e.g. in traditional hardware and software segments. Furthermore, the potential is particularly high for developments in the field of IoT.

The Internet of Things not only connects phones and computers, but also enables networked communication between humans and machines, and between machines or robots with one another. All production and consumer goods as well as infrastructures which are equipped with sensors can be linked and communicate with each other.

The 5G Industry Campus Europe

Several research initiatives are active in this field of technology. In May 2020 the 5G Industry Campus Europe was launched: At the campus of RWTH Aachen University new capabilities in the context of 5G technologies are researched and tested. Examples include 5G sensor technology for monitoring and controlling highly complex manufacturing processes, mobile robotics and logistics, production chains across different locations, etc.

Further information: Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI)

Protecting technical innovations with patents

With the development of intelligent products and their possible use new fields of application arise. From the patent law perspective, the interaction of different, trans-technology systems is increasingly playing a key role, e.g. in technology areas such as sensor technology, information technology, telecommunications, medical technology and automotive engineering.

Innovations and new products based on the new communication standard 5G must be protected in the best possible way. The patent attorneys of karo IP will be happy to advise and support their clients with the development and implementation of individual IP strategies - be it, for example, for new applications in the field of automation, automotive technology or general aspects of networking systems.

Regarding Justus Kreuels:

Justus Kreuels, German and European Patent Attorney since 2011/2012, studied mechanical engineering at the TU Munich and the RWTH Aachen. He is co-founding partner of karo IP. A main focus of his practice is the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the field of mobile communication, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, etc. in Germany.

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