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Up-to-date: Since June 1, 2023, when the UPC agreement enters into force, unitary patents can be applied for or registered at the European Patent Office (EPO). We have summarized information on the Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court in the section Expertise: UPC.

IP Compliance

Justus Kreuels - 6. September 2023

Innovative companies need a well-organized IP compliance management. Establishing an effective protection and control system not only helps to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, but also to guarantee the protection of a company's IP assets and to significantly reduce the risk with regard to the infringement of third-party property rights.

IP Due Diligence

Justus Kreuels - 3. November 2022

An IP due diligence is a targeted analysis and evaluation of a company's IP portfolio.
It is carried out in preparation for a transaction (e.g. merger, sale and purchase of a company, investment, spin-off, licensing deal) in order to know the value of the IP portfolio, as well as possible legal risks, at an early stage.

Transfes and assignment of intellectual property rights

Justus Kreuels - 29. August 2022

Reasons for the transfer of a patent, trademark or design may be a change of owner, a change of address or a change of name. However, mergers, company takeovers and liquidations also entail a transfer of IP rights. This should be announced and registered with the responsible patent and trademark office.

Patent searches, patent databases and search costs

Matthias Rößler - 20. April 2022

Patent searches are an important tool, e.g. to assess the patentability of an invention or to check whether one's own products infringe third-party property rights. In international databases such as Depatisnet (DPMA), Espacenet (EPO) and Patentscope (WIPO), information on patents and utility models published worldwide can be searched.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for patentable inventions

Justus Kreuels - 17. January 2022

Confidentiality agreements, also known as NDAs ("non-disclosure agreements"), play an important role in the field of intellectual property. For a patentable development for which a patent application has not yet been filed, a non-disclosure agreement should be drawn up with all parties involved before confidential information is exchanged that is not to be made public.

Trademark infringement: Border seizure by customs

Matthias Rößler - 16. December 2021

Every year, goods suspected of infringing intellectual property rights are seized by customs authorities at EU borders. Statistically, most of the seizures are infringements of trademark rights, followed by infringements of design rights. In relation to this, patent and copyright rights or geographical indications of origin are infringed much less frequently.

The European Patent: Cost-optimised filing strategies for Europe

Justus Kreuels - 16. September 2021

When filing a European patent application, in addition to the fees to be paid, the additional costs (in particular for the validation of a European patent and the renewal fees) should also be taken into account. The aim of this blog article is to give you an early and realistic estimate of the costs involved in making decisions about granting a patent.

Contractual agreements for software developments

Justus Kreuels - 30. October 2020

Prior to software development, a contractual agreement or a software development contract should be signed between the client and the programmer or developer of an individual software. The contract should always be individualized and adapted to the specific circumstances.

Patent searches: prior art search

Matthias Rößler - 3. June 2020

Carrying out a prior art search can be useful for various reasons - be it in the context of R&D activities, for assessing the scope of protection of a patent or as preparation for an opposition against an already granted patent. Here you will find more information about the search strategy in detail.

The Employee Invention Act (ArbnErfG)

Justus Kreuels - 30. March 2020

The German Employee Invention Act aims to achieve a balance of interests between employer and employee so that the invention can be used by the company and the inventor receives appropriate compensation.

Intellectual-Property-Compliance in Companies

Matthias Rößler - 18. November 2019

For manufacturing companies, intellectual property rights are an important asset. However, it is not only the effective protection of the company's own innovations that plays a major role, but increasingly also the reliable prevention of infringements of intellectual property rights by third parties. Only then investments can be secured, and a respected market position can be achieved. About how and why companies should deal with IP compliance.

The best possible protection against counterfeiting and piracy

Matthias Rößler - 6. September 2019

Product plagiarism results from the deliberate imitation of products and the associated violation of trademark rights or infringements of patent rights. The opening of markets and the associated increase in international competition means that the risk of product counterfeiting is growing. How can companies protect themselves against this?

Misleading requests for payment of official fees

Matthias Rößler - 25. March 2019

Time and again, owners of IP rights receive requests for payment and fee notices whose sender is in fact not the office actually responsible. With this article, we would like to draw your attention to the importance of checking all incoming letters with requests for payment for IP rights to see whether they actually come from official sources.

IP Strategy: Freedom to Operate analyses

Justus Kreuels - 18. February 2019

Freedom-to-operate analyses allow you to check whether your own products infringe third-party property rights. In today's article, you will learn what you need to do, what questions needs to be asked and what search options are available.

Plagiarism at trade fairs - Infringement of patents and utility models

Matthias Rößler - 7. January 2019

This article is about the preliminary injunction as a protective measure in the event of infringement of intellectual property at trade fairs. Find out here what the opportunities and risks of an injunction at trade fairs are and what should be kept in mind.

Advice during product development

Justus Kreuels - 14. September 2018

How can you protect yourself from imitations with your own property rights? We explain what development-related patent work is all about, what patent protection makes possible, and the right way to proceed.

The patent license agreement: Drafting and Negotiation

Matthias Rößler - 24. July 2018

With a license agreement, a licensor can transfer rights of use to an industrial property right to a licensee under contractually defined conditions. What needs to be considered? We will give you a brief overview.

FAQ: Patent infringement proceeding

Matthias Rößler - 21. May 2018

Patent infringement proceedings before court enable enforcing patents. It is possible to enforce injunctive relief and claim for damages. This article also applies to procedural requirments of patent infringement proceedings in Germany.

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