Administrative staff

[[ÜBERARBEITEN]] We are always on the lookout for specialist administrative staff for our secretarial team and case management roles. As one of the largest firms of patent attorneys in the Düsseldorf area, we are an attractive employer for administrative assistants in patent matters and for those wishing to move into the industrial property sector. The wide variety of demands involved with client care mean that absolute reliability, a proactive and autonomous way of working and extensive knowledge are required at all levels. We are a large team and have developed specific processes for dealing with the tasks that arise in an efficient manner. In addition to enabling day to day business to be dealt with successfully, these processes also promote rapid results in terms of learning, a greater sense of personal achievement, and thus ultimately more job satisfaction.

To achieve a friendly working atmosphere, our team always acknowledges the importance of open discussions and a willingness to help. We value your experience: new employees of course contribute to the firm by way of their experience and knowhow. Has this made you want to find out more? Then contact us directly!