Patent attorney as fellows and cooperation partners

[[ÜBERARBEITEN]] The world of industrial property is in a state of flux. The complexity of inventions is constantly increasing. The process leading to the grant of a patent with the requirement of a broad scope of protection is becoming ever more demanding. In addition, as a consequence of continuing internationalization and the interconnection of markets and legal systems, new opportunities for successful property-rights strategies are arising.

[[ÜBERARBEITEN]] We have recognized that this changing environment not only represents a challenge to the way in which patent attorneys have traditionally worked, but also offers completely new opportunities for our clients. We are therefore adding to our offering of advisory services in a targeted manner and are placing greater emphasis on patent-related work alongside clients in the context of development. This is why we have available to us a committee of experts including experienced leaders from industry which allows us to tailor our advisory offering to our clients’ requirements and to develop new successful strategies, together with our clients, for the use of industrial property rights in their businesses.

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