Development cooperation agreements

Development cooperation - often the start of success

Inventions frequently come about when companies collaborate in relation to research and development. It is in particular when creative minds from different technological fields and from different corporate cultures work together that promising inventions evolve at the interfaces between different technological fields. Agreements are indispensable in order to ensure that the results and the profit arising from such collaboration are fairly distributed. Such agreements should motivate the partners to the agreement to give their full commitment to the joint project, but should at the same time grant as much economic freedom as possible to all of the partners. Such agreements cover, for example, rights of use over patents that have come into being, mutual agreements relating to the granting of licenses, provisions on how the law of employee inventions is to be dealt with in the case of joint inventions with employees from different companies and a great deal more.

Our experience regarding such agreements lies in the area of the automotive supply industry, where we have assisted many successful development cooperation projects. However, every sector and every scenario is different: on the basis of our insights, we will work together with you to design the right agreements for your development cooperation project.

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