entrepreneurship with patents

entrepreneurship with patents

When founding a business and when realizing a new business idea there are often obstacles and insecurities concearning intellectual property right, that are to be overcome. Is there a patent or trademark required? Or both? How is it possible to gain protection of

Advisory services for founders concearning industrial property rights

To answer all your questions, a consultation meeting with one of our patent attorneys is advisable. Classical consultation meetings for business founders like start- up centres, a corporate accelerator or incubator usually do not fulfill the standards, that a professional patent attorneys office like karo IP can offer. Often a proper and valid risk and cost assessment is not made. We often experience an "all or nothing" philosophy given by these institutions which is not always realistic. Either the counselors have a negative attitude towards patents in general or only see a patent registration under a cost askpect. Sometimes even false judgement on potential patents is given. To help here, karo IP offers a cross-over consultation, where extern experts and patent attornes work together.

Coordination of business plans with patents and trademarks.

We help determine if patent or trademark registrations and applications are actually needed for a successful business. We inform our clients on how to maybe better insure the protection of a product than by patent. We also inform and support our clients on how patents are a marketing strategy. Contact us for further information!

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