finding workaround solutions

Workaround solutions for patents - when are they needed?

Strong competitors often hold valuable patents. When new markets are to be advanced on, existing patents are to be regarded. When an important technical solution is protected by another patent holder, a design around strategy must be found. It is often possible to persuade competitors of sharing licences. Karo IP supports customers in finding intelligent ways around existing property rights and is specialized in creating individualized solutions.

When are work around solutions for patents usually needed?

From our experience, the hardest struggle when it comes to design around solutions for patents and utility models is found where disposable goods are concearned. Here the largest profit can be made through a patent protection. Patents are here often used on systems made of disposable goods and the related product. Well known examples herefore are coffee capsules for coffee mashines or printer cartridges. If a company is able to hold such a patent and is also established in that field it is possible to achieve high profit of such a product. The more attractive it gets for competitors to find design around solutions for unstable patents.

What can Karo IP's patent attorneys do for you?

First of all it is important to gather all information on the scope of protection of a critical patent or utility model. Every patent regulation has a loophole. After that a systematical finding of design around tactic is advisable where every detail of the patent is observed and also other property rights in that field are closely watched. Then, creative solutions are to be found. We draw our experience from a multitude of counsultation meetings and have therefore gathered a great deal of knowlegde on design around solutions. In case of need we consult further creative development offices. We have often found, that already the wording of the patent claims offers ground for suitable design arounds. Furthermore the economical risks and chances should always be observed and reviewed. We assist you with all questions concearning this topic.

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