Freedom to Operate

What is Freedom to Operate and its benefits?

A Freedom to Operate analysis (FTO analysis) for new products and product developments provides information on whether introducing new products onto the market involves a significant risk of infringing third parties’ property rights.

We are experts in carrying out these Freedom to Operate analyses. As a basis for these analyses, we generally first rely on searches relating to existing property rights from external service providers. In this regard, for example we very regularly work with the Nordic Patent Institute or the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI).

Our specialism lies in combining the results of these searches with the results of our own ongoing monitoring of the competition. As a result of this, we always achieve extremely high search quality and excellent reliability of our Freedom to Operate analyses.

Furthermore, on account of the information stored in our database system, we are able to guarantee that the information identified in Freedom to Operate analyses is not just available to you once but can be taken into account cost-effectively for the purposes of future product developments as well.

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