Patent portfolio management

Patent portfolio management - what is that?

The knowledge relating to a company’s own inventions should not be lost internally. Thus, in our view, a key part of our patent attorneys’ work is, to systematically store our clients’ knowledge which is also stored in patents and utility models to ensure that it can always be retrieved. This knowledge in particular includes knowledge of the technical background, the scope of protection and the relevance for your own and others’ products of the relevant property right. In our experience, this information can be used extremely successfully as a starting point for future product development.

How to handle in practice?

To administer our clients’ property rights, we use the PatOrg database system, which over recent years has developed into a kind of standard tool for patent attorneys. As for analyzing the content of property rights and providing technical information on property rights to our clients, we have developed a database system of our own which enables us to answer questions relating to the content of your property rights quickly, reliably and cost-effectively at any time. Any third-party property right which comes to our attention during our work for our clients is also incorporated in our database system in an automated manner. This way we can always assess property rights in their technical and legal context.

What is the benefit?

The knowledge that is provided in a straightforward manner by our database system serves as a starting point for our patent-related work alongside our clients in the context of development. On this basis, the patentability of new ideas can be assessed efficiently. Likewise, for new products and product developments, we are able to quickly and cost effectively check whether critical third-party property rights already exist.

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