Employee invention law - A burden for companies?

We know from experience that employers sometimes feel that the law of employee inventions is a nuisance. The administrative burden involved and the costs are usually high, while at the same time the legislation seems to trigger dissatisfaction among employees rather than motivating them.

Employee invention law - How to handle?

Our experience suggests that an understandable and transparent system of employee inventor remuneration is the key to achieving a high level of acceptance of the law of employee inventions within a company. It is not just the financial incentives provided in such a system that contribute to motivating employees: the fact that inventions are implemented quickly and successfully and the fact that employees are held up as leaders in innovation within the company also give rise to high levels of motivation and commitment.

karo IP advises SMEs and large-scale industrial companies in the law of employee inventions. We therefore know how an optimal system for dealing with these provisions has to be designed in order to meet all legal requirements, to be simple and inexpensive to implement and to motivate employees. We are happy to use our expertise to help you to establish an appropriate system and to deal with all day-to-day tasks in connection with the law of employee inventions.

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