Innovation and innovation protection in the automobile industry

The automobile industry has always set a special focus on on innovation and innovation protection. German aautomobile producers and automobile suppliers count as one of the biggest patent registrating parties.


From the invention disclosure till the licence agreement

karo IP have assisted and advised a variety of firms in the automobile industry over the last decade in various aspects of the automobile development process. With the highly specialized know-how and technical as well as legal insight of our patent attorneys our office is a competent partner concerning invention disclosure and patent applications. Our specialist are also experts on the field of developing patent strategies, helping with patent management and licence agreements. Especially small and medium-seized firms and suppliers without in-house patent law departments are our target.

The future: electromobility and autonomous driving

In the coming years, great challenges will be facing especially electromobility and and autonomous driving where we want to offer assistance in solving patenting cases. To secure long lasting market shares a concrete patent strategy is indespensible. With our long-standing experience and work with our clients in patentinfringement cases, we have established expertese on automotive technology as well as telecommunication technology.

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