Patentability of innovations in biotechnology

Innovations in biology and biotechnology or rather the possibilities of the patentability in that field underlies strict guidelines by the legislator.

Life science for example presents such a special challenge because of the many exclusions from patenting that are given. To master this obstacle, precise and pronounced expertese is required concearning the latest jurisdictions of the European Patent Office (EPA) and the German Patent- and Trademark Office DPMA) .


Biotechnological inventions: Biological sequences in patent applications

Biological sequences (DNA or RNA molecules or protein chains) can be an important tool for describing the invention in biotechnological patent applications. If nucleotide or amino acid sequences are involved, a sequence protocol, i.e. a listing of biological sequences, must be filed with the patent office (see WIPO Standard ST.25). This protocol must be submitted as a separate attachment as part of the application.

The firm's patent attorneys specialized in biotechnology offer confunded consultation concerning all questions that might arise when considering on the deposit of biological material, on sequencing methods, on issues in the field of pharmaceuticals or on industrial biotechnology.

Competent consultation in the field of life science

karo IP furthermore lays great emphasis on individual consultation of start-up companies which derive from the fields of natural science. In the course of our consultation, we offer distinguished assistance in calculating and understanding the cost factors of the time in which the biotechnological invention is being processed.

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