Building trade

Economical potential through patents.

For the constructional engineering and architecture sector, intellectual property rights play an important role. The constructional industry is responsible for around 4% of the gross value in Germany. Investing into innovative and modern building techniques promises to offer a high economic potential, that can be ensured by casting a intellectual property protection.

Building trade

Testing building techniques through patents

New ideas and inventions, e.g. in the field of heat insulation, smart- home solutions, heating systems including techniques for heat recovery, renewable energies, low-enery standards, light, lighting, etc. should be examined together with your patent attorney concerning patentability and utility model registration.

Product design and industrial design protection

Also for architects the industrial property rights, next to copyrights, are an effective protection instrument. In the field of technical property rights (utility models, patents) as well as in the field of trademark protection there are interesting potection varieties. Not only creating but also designing and constructing a building as well as interior architecture and product design or industrial design can find property rights protection.

Architectual design protection

Especially when concearning architecture, design protection is sought. Since the intruduction of the new design protection law in 2013, designs can be registered as such. Karo has a specialist on that topic in out team.

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