Innovation protection of chemical combinations

The field of chemistry usually does not only require a patent protection for a chemical compound as such. More so, in combination with chemistry there are usually manufacuring processes and application methods that need to be regarded and in many cases, this is the key to a successful patent strategy. A patent on a universally applicable method is often more valuable and successful than simple protection on one simple chemical compound.


Interdisciplinary patent law orientated counsel

Our patent attorneys offer profound and established economical expertese on the fields of organic and anorganic chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy and Life Science. Our office especially excells in the overlapping areas of engineering, chemistry and process technology, where we have remarkable success to note.

Network for international patentinfringement cases

Especially our headquarter in Düsseldorf is located close to all influential and important large-scale enterprises of the chemistry industry. We have aquired an international network of renowned patent experts on this field. We are looking forward to assisting and advising our clients on the field of chemistry.

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