Inventions in electrotechnology

For most technical products, the engineering science of electro technology plays and important role. Next to classical fields of science like energy technology, automation technology, semiconductor technology, circuit technology and sensoric, electrotechnology is more and more associated with subject areas with former attributes of the mechanics and engineering sector. The new technical terms of "mechatronics" and "Industry 4.0" are simply a combination of electrotechnology, information technology and machanics.


Importance in patent law in the field of automobile- and energy technology

Because of the constant development in the fields of electromobility and energy, new branches in the automotive technology and energy technology sectors are opening up. These need to closely be monitored by professional patent attorneys, to fully exploit all market benefits.

Spezialists in the fields of electrotechnology, physica and engineering

karo IP with its specialists in electrotechnology, physics, engineering is your competent partner in finding electronic solutions for any field of technical applications. Also concearning high-performance electronics, our patent attorneys are constantly attending further training so that we can offer an integrated and individualized service.

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