Energy techniques

Energy economy in the course of time

Rarely another market has, in the last years, experienced such a radical change as the energy technology market. Renewable energy is coming more and more into focus and therefore an enhanced need for action is to be taken.

Energy techniques

Innovation protection of environmental technologies

Especially storage technologies will demand the economical success of renewable energies. It is to be observed, that many energy suppliers strongly react to changes within the energy technology sector and partly even seperate themselves from large and predominatly profitable lines of buisness. Many new buisnesses are entering the market of renewable energies, storage technology, recycling of waste materials of the traditional energy technology, alternative mobility, etc.

Intellectual property in the field of renewable energies

For all companies working in this sector, the protection of their ideas and inventions especially during the current market upheaval phase, is essential.KARO IP stands for extensive experience and responsible handling of the enforcement and acquisition of industrial property rights. Whether it is conventional energy technology or the protection of alternative energy technology, our highly specialized patent attorneys advise our customers and clients individually and competent of any company size.

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