Medicine techniques

Innovation potential in medicine techniques

For research and development in medicine and medicine techniques great obstacles will henceforth be set - especially concearning the demographic change. With the constantly rising life expectance and therefor increasing need for medical care and supply in form of diagnostics, prostetics, therapy and medication the market for innovative technology is constantly expanding. Many new possibilities are created and even small market participants can profit from it.

Medicine techniques

Interdisciplinary patent law orientated counsel

Whether it is imaging, surgery techniques, implantology or any other technology from the medical field: karo IP composes a team of specialists for your subject area. We advise our clients with individualized expertese on the science fields of engineering and medicine technology.

Our expertese in the field of medicine techniques

Justus Kreuels studied engineering at the RWTH in Aachen with a minor in medicine techniques. Because of this, Mr. Kreuels has intensively dealt with the simulation of biomechanics and growth processes in biological systems in the past. The simulations were hereby used to plan surgery. We are therefore well prepared for any invention on the medicine rechnology field.

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