Innovation in physics and their potential

Inventions with great market potential often derive from basic research in physics. One of many examples is the usage of magnetoresistive effects for saving data on a hard drive. It is possible, to protect important applications of basic physical effects. Although the finding itself can not be protected, the application as such has a chance at a patent protection.


Patent strategies for physics and their potential

One with high in investments related basic research field can be secured effectively to ensure the Return on Investment (ROI). The maximum of 20 years for a patent should not be underestimated though. The progressive increase of the upkeeping fees for a patent is to be regarded. KARO IP considers it as a challenge and mission, consearning physics, to find the most effective patent strategy with close observation of the cost and time frame which needs to be evaluated for every invention individually.

technical property rights for physical inventions

karo IP has longlasting experience with the aquisition of technical property rights on physical inventions and is well accustomed to the specialities, that the protection of physical invention requires. Although, a scope of protection cannot be cast over physics as such, potential uses of physical inventions should be closely monitored and possibly patented, to achieve a similar effect.

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