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karo IP Patentanwälte was founded in early 2018 by Hermann Kahlhöfer, Matthias Rößler and Justus Kreuels. The founding partners have been working together for more than 15 years, last at KNH Patentanwälte in Düsseldorf.

It aims to develop and implement groundbreaking new ideas for providing clients with efficient, in-depth and proactive advice. The combined experience, extensive expertise and dedication of its patent attorneys make this possible.

The karo IP team combines practical knowledge and skill in the field of patent law, particularly as it applies to automotive and telecommunications technology, with extensive experience in patent infringement matters. karo IP is therefore especially well qualified to partner with clients in the development of patent strategies and portfolios — even for such futuristic technologies as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, or the blockchain — and to represent them in IP-related disputes in these areas.

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Team members of karo IP Patentanwälte since the beginning are the patent attorneys Sven Jessen, Michael Schirmuly and Leonard Lotz, who also worked for KNH Patentanwälte until 2017.

Matthias Rößler began his training as a patent attorney in 1999 at the patent and law firm Bardehle Pagenberg. In 2003 he was admitted as a Patent Attorney and as a European Patent Attorney and became a partner of KNH Patentanwälte in 2004. In recent years, he has primarily strengthened and expanded cooperation with colleagues in Asia. Since 2007 he has held a teaching position for Intellectual Property Law at RWTH Aachen University . Matthias Rößler also specializes in the support of large patent portfolios and the conduct of bilateral legal proceedings before patent offices and patent courts. His additional qualification as Master of Laws (LL.M.) qualifies him particularly for multinational infringement matters in Europe.

In 2008 Justus Kreuels began his training as a patent attorney at KNH Patentanwälte. In 2011 he was admitted as a patent attorney and in 2012 as a European patent attorney. In 2014 Justus Kreuels became a partner of the patent law firm KNH Patentanwälte. Justus Kreuels works in particular on a large number of newly adapted strategies for the treatment of industrial property rights, which should give our clients an advantage well into the future. In addition, Justus Kreuels is increasingly committed to the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the field of mobile communications, IoT, etc. in Germany.

Hermann Kahlhöfer began his career in 1980 in a patent department of Siemens AG. In 1985 he obtained the qualification and admission as European Patent Attorney and in 1990 the admission as Patent Attorney. At Siemens AG, he got to know the ways of thinking and working and the specific needs of small and large industrial companies until 1992, before moving to the patent and law firm Bardehle Pagenberg as a patent attorney in 1992. His industrial experience was a great asset for the internationally operating consulting firm. After 8 years in a leading position in this patent and law firm, Mr. Kahlhöfer and two other patent attorneys founded KNH Patentanwälte, where he worked for the following 17 years.

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