karo IP is an intellectual property law firm based in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Those who seek effective protection for their innovations find themselves confronted by an environment in which conditions are changing ever more rapidly. Its challenges, along with an increase in the complexity of intersecting technologies and fields of international law, are virtually impossible to negotiate nowadays without a concerted team approach on the part of the professional consultants. This motivated us to form a patent attorney team that collectively embodies all of the skills and expertise needed to address the specifics of your particular case, one that can provide you with quick, comprehensive and interdisciplinary assistance in order to patent your idea.

That team, which bears the name karo IP, therefore comprises specialists in a number of different technical, scientific and legal disciplines, and it enjoys the support of highly qualified and experienced professionals. At our offices in Düsseldorf and Munich, our team offers for your projects the appropriate patent attorney.

karo IP is recommended by IAM PATENT 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals (latest handbook was published in July 2022), which annually selects the top lawyers, law firms and companies worldwide in the area of patent law. The broad technical spectrum of the firm is mentioned, especially the sectors automotive, smart technology and software.

Another recognition in patent law: Two of our patent attorneys are again listed in the Best Lawyers Germany Ranking.

Unitary patent and Unified Patent Court: As of June 1, 2023, when the UPC Agreement enters into force, unitary patents can be applied for or registered at the European Patent Office (EPO). Further information about the European patent with unitary effect (UPC).

Visit the karo IP blog to learn more about IP strategies, trademark and design protection, the possibilities of patent protection in the context of digital technologies, the law on employees' inventions, etc. If the article you are interested in is not available in English, please contact us: mail@karo-ip.de.

karo IP Blog

Artificial Intelligence and patent law

Justus Kreuels -
19. May 2023

Artificial Intelligence is one of the key technologies in the field of digitalization. We take the progressive further developments in this field and the discussions about the software tool ChatGPT as an opportunity to take up aspects of copyright and patent law (patenting of AI).



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Patent Attorney Training

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We are looking forward to hearing from talented engineers (m/f) and scientists (m/f) who are interested in being trained as a German patent attorney and European patent attorney at karo IP.