You want to communicate with us electronically using digitally encoded information?

This is where you need to download the personal PGP keys and S/MIME certificates of our partners.

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is the encoded communication with PGP or S/MIME safe?

PGP an S/MIME are so called asymmetrical encryption methods with a public and a privat code. You can download our public code on this site. Emails and their annex that were encrypted with one of our codes can only be decrypted with the according private code. Our private code is not publically viewable. Because of this it is ensured, that emails which are encrypted with one of our codes can only be decrypted with the according code by karo IP Patentanwälte. Encryptet communication with PGP or S/MIME is therefore secure.

How does the encoded communication with microsoft outlook work?

Outlook offers the free OpenSource-Plugin GPG4Win which can be used for encrypted communication. When using GPG4Win no further costs arise. You can find a download option here: hier. Eine detaillierte Dokumentation dieses Plugins finden Sie hier.

GPG4Win supports the two common asymmetrical encryption methods OpenPgP and S/MIME that we both offer for communication. The programm GPG4Win installation-programm also will install a programm called "Kleopatra" on your computer. Kleopatra is a certification software, which reads our encryption codes. GPG4Win then enables an encryption of email communication with our codes.

How does the communication with webmail programms work?

You use a webmailer like, GMS, Yahoo mail oder Googlemail? Then, you may use the Browser-PlugIn „Mailvelope“, which enables to encrypted communication via PGP and which is free, as well. Mailvelope is available for Chrome and Firefox. It can be downloaded here. You will find a detailed documentation here.

With Mailvelope it is possible to encrypt emails during typing them in a browser window very comfortable. Our PGP-keys can be imported Mailvelope. After installation of Mailvelope encryption is available via the Mailvelope-symbol in your browser headline directly beneath the URL-field.

What alternatives are there to increase the security of communication with karo IP Patentanwälte?

Should any problems occur while using PGP and S/MIME we offer the possibility of using Zip-Archives instead, to still ensure an encrypted and safe transmission and communication of data. An encrypted Zip-Archive with your data can for example be made with the free packing programm 7zip. The download link may be found here: hier. A detailed documentation can be found here: hier verfügbar.

In order for us to be able to open your encrypted Zip-Archive you will have to transmit your password to us. We recommend doing this on the telephone, to ensure that password and archive are communicated on different channels.

Legal note

This explanation is thought to allow you a simplified access to an encrypted communication with our patent attorneys. However, we do not assume any liability or garanty for eavesdropping of the communication with our clients. Should difficulties arise, concerning the set-up of an encrypted communication, we have a competent IT-Service at hand which will support you. We will gladly provide the contact.