Legal decisions

27.02.2023: DPMA Einigungsvorschlag: Erfindungswert bei gemeinsamen Erfindungen unterschiedlicher Unternehmen

27.02.2023: DPMA Einigungsvorschlag: Rechteabkauf bei Arbeitnehmererfindung

01.12.2022: I ZR 144/21
Markenrechtsverletzung: BGH Urteil zu Wegfall der Wiederholungsgefahr

18.10.2022: X ZR 36/21
BGH zur Akteneinsicht während Patentanmeldeverfahren

15.03.2022: BGH on auxiliary requests during nullity proceedings

17.11.2021: ECJ confirms lack of distinctiveness for red lace ends

28.10.2021: EuGH rules: Parts of a product can be claimed as a non-registered design

24.09.2021: Patent recall claim for patentees gains importance through Higher Regional Court (OLG) decision

29.07.2021: With Federal Court of Justice (BGH) decision golden shade of Lindts hare is a protected trademark

15.07.2021: OLG Düsseldorf: Advertising with a patent infringing reference object

13.07.2021: BGH decision on discoverability by search engines and the state of the art on the Internet

07.07.2021: General Court of the European Union (EuG) extends priority period for EU designs to 12 months

07.07.2021: General Court of the European Union (EuG) rules: No trademark protection for sound when opening a can

20.05.2021: Asserting a priority claim / Filing of subsequent applications to patent

03.05.2021: Application for trademarks without own intention to use are considered as application "in bad faith"

20.04.2021: Registered design as starting point for examination for inventive step

08.04.2021: Higher regional court (OLG) decision on patent infringement by equivalent means

14.01.2021: New Federal Court of Justice (BGH) case law on the revocation of a trademark

13.01.2021: Other light shows possible at the Düsseldorf Rhine Tower next to light installation Rheinkomet®

16.12.2020: Lack of distinctiveness of a three dimensional EU trademark

15.12.2020: Citations should already be subject of applicant's submission in nullity action in first instance

20.10.2020: Federal Court of Justice (BGH) declares patent in suit null and void in its entirety - due to inadmissible extension

12.10.2020: Federal Patent Court rules: Defense with a non-attacked subclaim is inadmissible

12.10.2020: Subsequently filed claims do not directly change the content of a registered utility model

07.10.2020: A product may be protectable as a design for which a technical protection right exists at the same time

12.03.2020: Application for word mark "Mädelsabend" rejected for lack of distinctive character

27.02.2020: A (non-visible) second product that is fully integrated in another product is not eligible for design protection

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