Matthias Rößler

Matthias Rößler

Dipl.-Ing., LL.M., Patent attorney, Partner

Matthias Rößler supports leading companies especially in the fields of automotive engineering, mechanical engineering, building technology and electrical engineering. Matthias Rößler, who since 2004 has also taken on additional responsibilities as a partner of patent attorney firms, has extensive experience in the field of national and international patent prosecution procedures and patent infringement matters. In addition he deals with matters of trademark law and the valuation of property right portfolios, in particular in the context of a company acquisitions.

Matthias Rößler studied mechanical engineering specializing in manufacturing technology at RWTH Aachen University. Since 1999 he has been involved in the protection of intellectual property rights and in 2003 he qualified as a German Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney. Starting in 2007 he has been lecturing on the protection of intellectual property rights at RWTH Aachen University.

In May 2023, Matthias Rößler obtained the European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC), which qualifies him as a European patent attorney to represent parties before the UPC. As of June 1, 2023, when the UPC Agreement enters into force, unitary patents can be filed or registered at the European Patent Office (EPO).

He is co-founding partner of karo IP Patentanwälte Kahlhöfer Rößler Kreuels PartG mbB.

Main focus

Advising German and international clients in all fields that involve the protection of industrial property rights, in particular with regard to obtaining and invalidating patents and designs in Europe and Germany, issuing expert opinions on the legal validity and infringement of technical property rights, drafting and filing oppositions and strategically advising international corporations based on an in-depth knowledge of the legal characteristics and practices, e.g. in the US, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, India as well as in several European countries.

Technical focus

Mechanical engineering, automotive engineering (in particular electrical heating systems, injection systems, thermoelectric generators, exhaust systems, drive systems such as gear drives, clutches, constant velocity joints, and exhaust systems); aircraft engineering; latches and locking systems; sanitary fittings; thermal power plants; flue gas treatment; textile engineering; structural engineering; machine tools (in particular for the manufacturing of precision surfaces); manufacturing plants; material science (in particular metallic alloys and composite materials); beverage preparation (in particular by means of capsules); sensors and mechatronics including electronic switching devices; electrical engineering; data acquisition and analysis.

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